More Minimum Wage Changes in 2019

January 16, 2019|

There were a number of state and municipal minimum wage changes on January 1 this year. Some changes were cost of living adjustments and some tiered increases toward a defined future rate.  But minimum wage changes don’t just happen on January 1, many happen on July 1. And there are a few outliers including Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Michigan, which will raise minimum wages in March.

Take a look at the table below for upcoming minimum wage changes and mark your calendars now to make the proper updates throughout the year.

Some states and cities have cost of living adjustments to their minimum wages planned for 2019 but have not yet announced those rates. Links to the corresponding websites are provided.

State/MunicipalityNew Minimum WageEffective Date
Alameda, California13.50July 1, 2019
Berkeley, CaliforniaTBAJuly 1, 2019
Emeryville, CaliforniaTBAJuly 1, 2019
Los Angeles & Los Angeles County, Malibu, Santa Monica (small employers)13.25July 1, 2019
Los Angeles & Los Angeles County, Malibu, Santa Monica (large employers)14.25July 1, 2019
Milpitas, California15.00July 1, 2019
Pasadena, California (subject to economic impact report due in February)14.25July 1, 2019
San Francisco, CaliforniaTBAJuly 1, 2019
San Leandro, California14.00July 1, 2019
Delaware9.25October 1, 2019
District of Columbia14.00July 1, 2019
Chicago, Illinois13.00July 1, 2019
Cook County, Illinois12.00July 1, 2019
Portland, MaineTBAJuly 1, 2019
Montgomery County, Maryland (small and midsized employers)12.50July 1, 2019
Montgomery County, Maryland (large employers)13.00July 1, 2019
Michigan9.45March 29, 2019
Minneapolis, Minnesota (small employers)11.00July 1, 2019
Minneapolis, Minnesota (large employers)12.25July 1, 2019
NevadaTBAJuly 1, 2019
Santa Fe, New MexicoTBAMarch 1, 2019
Santa Fe County, New MexicoTBAMarch 1, 2019
New York City (small employers)15.00December 31, 2019
Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties, New York13.00December 31, 2019
New York State11.80December 31, 2019
Oregon (rural counties)11.00July 1, 2019
Portland Metro Area, Oregon12.50July 1, 2019
Oregon (balance of the state)11.25July 1, 2019


Industry-specific Wages

New York City fast food workers will have a $15.00 minimum wage starting December 31, 2019, and the minimum wage will increase to $13.75 in all other parts of the state for those workers.

On July 1, 2019, Oakland, California, hotel workers will move up to $15.00 per hour for those with health benefits provided and $20.00 per hour for those with no health benefits.

Hotels with 150 or more rooms in the city of Los Angeles have had minimum wage increases on July 1 of each year for several years now, however, the established schedule ends June 30, 2019, and the new rate has not yet been announced. Likewise, Santa Monica, California, hotels will have a minimum wage change on July 1, 2019, but the new rate has not been announced.

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