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of HR’s time is spent on tedious administrative tasks
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Custom Workflows & Automation


Real-time People Analytics

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Streamlined Performance Management

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Single Employee Record

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Compliance Management

Custom Workflows HR
Stop repetitive tasks from dragging you down

Custom Workflows & Automation

  • Easily model your current processes and policies with flexible and visual drag-and-drop tools.
  • Save time on routine tasks such as approvals, changes, updates, and more.
  • Reduce compliance risk by eliminating manual and redundant data entry.
  • Create custom forms to streamline data collection.
Access critical insights when you need them

Real-time People Analytics

  • Create comprehensive reports and track key metrics without needing advanced technical skills since all employee data is stored in one location.
  • Gain predictive and prescriptive insights for both managers and employees with robust reporting capabilities powered by AI and machine learning.
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Strengthen your culture, values, and people

Streamlined Performance Management

  • Create and assign performance reviews, ratings, goals, and feedback forms.
  • Use flexible workflows to automate notifications, reminders, approvals, and more.
  • Gain greater insights into performance, goal progress, and skills gaps.
  • Give employees and managers the ability to view and complete reviews, track goal progress, request and provide feedback, and more.
  • Provide focal, annual, and 30/60/90-day reviews along with unlimited nine-box matrices, talent pools, and succession slates.
Establish one source of truth

Single Employee Record

  • Reduce duplicate data entry and time spent chasing down employee info.

  • Save money by consolidating all your HR processes into a unified solution.

  • Avoid errors and inaccuracies that occur with disparate systems.

  • View scheduling, leave tracking, compensation, benefits administration, and more in one place.
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Human Resource Compliance
Stay on top of all things regulatory

Compliance Management

  • Leverage a built-in compliance resource library for easy-to-understand breakdowns of laws and regulations.
  • Maintain compliance with the latest regulation changes with automatic compliance updates.
  • Reduce the risk of costly fines with automated ACA tools for seamless reporting and filing.
  • Rely on our robust rules engine to ensure regional and local employment laws are being adhered to and receive proactive alerts when they’re not.
  • Access the latest governmental forms for EEOC, FLSA, FMLA, OSHA, VETS, and more within the platform.
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Additional Features & Functionality

  • HR document storage and retrieval tracking
  • Employee directories and company org charts
  • Position control and budgeting
  • Asset management
  • Automated step and grade pay schedules
  • Mass editing tools
  • Incident tracking and management
  • Workers’ compensation tracking and management
  • Goal, competency, and core value libraries
  • Multiple manager reviews
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Your Questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all new hires can complete their onboarding documents electronically via all devices, including mobile. The onboarding documents can also be customized to your organizations. It’s simple and fast, and you can monitor their progress at all times.
Yes, Inova HCM offers electronic signatures and wet signatures to expedite your onboarding and hiring process and allow employees to easily sign off on new policies.
Yes, Inova HCM has built-in HR compliance reporting for regulations such as EEO, OSHA, FMLA, VETS, workers’ compensation, and more in the proper format for filing.