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Key Benefits & Highlights

Recruitment in retail shouldn’t require manual intervention across functions. Hire quickly and efficiently and provide a seamless candidate experience from first touch to first day with one employee record and one unified solution to manage recruiting, preboarding, onboarding, and beyond.
Finding good employees for your retail business can be tough, but it’s even harder to keep them. Transform your employee experience and foster a culture of loyalty and growth with employee training, feedback, communication, and engagement all built into one unified and user-friendly HCM platform.
Self-service mobile access gives retail employees the power to view their schedules, timecards, accrual balances, and pay statements, as well as request time off from anywhere. Managers can approve time off and leave requests and review, update, and approve payroll info on the go, saving valuable time and sanity.
Retail businesses need the right number of staff at the right stores at the right time. With Inova HCM’s intelligent scheduling tools you can auto-generate best-fit schedules that align with your labor and anticipated demand, adhere to company and regulatory policies, and keep burnout at bay.
Maximize your labor spend with a solution that captures actual time worked, applies complex work and pay rules, and improves payroll accuracy. Gain real-time visibility into your retail organization with robust reporting capabilities that allow you to spot trends before they impact profit margins.

I’m very busy managing the stores, so the friendly support and fast response time I receive from my customer service representative are much appreciated. I recommend Inova to anyone looking for a payroll provider.

– Manager, Gigi’s Cupcakes (25-49 Employees)

Key Inova HCM Features

For Retail Services

  • Regulatory & Certification Compliance
  • ACA Reporting
  • Multiple Timeclocks Options: Barcode, Proximity, Magstripe, Smart Card, Biometric Fingerprint & Facial Recognition
  • Early Wage access
  • Comprehensive & Flexible Scheduling
  • Labor Allocation & Distribution
  • Employee Training & Learning Management
  • Multi-location/Multi-EIN Functionality
  • Mobile App
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