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of companies aren’t using workforce analytics at all.
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Standard & Ad-Hoc Reporting

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Predictive Analytics

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Actionable Data Displays

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Get fast and flexible insights you need

Standard & Ad-Hoc Reporting

  • Access 350+ standard reports for quick answers.
  • Modify any standard report with Excel-like functionality to get the specific data you need for any situation – change column labels, adjust column widths, add custom columns, and more.
  • Run reports for any of 45 predefined time periods and date ranges.
  • Use standard compliance reports for regulations such as EEO, OSHA, VETS, and more.
  • Export to a variety of formats like CSV, Excel, PDF, XML, or text files.

Anticipate future outcomes with ease

Predictive Analytics

  • Reduce your quiet quitting risk with the ability to recognize when employees are likely to leave, understand causes, and reengage and mitigate the potential loss.
  • Make decisions based on facts instead of instincts with Sentiment Analysis that includes engagement surveys, performance reviews, recruiting evaluations, and more.
  • Drive positive change and minimize risk in areas with benchmarking.

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View your data in a more meaningful way

Intuitive Visualization Builds

  • Experience consistent and simple visualizations across all your reports that allow you to select specific data points and add your desired charts to your main report screen.
  • Show combinations of charts and tables to best suit your needs.
  • Build multiple views to see report data from different angles.
Easily leverage data to drive business decisions

Actionable Data Displays

  • Dig into key details on the fly with interactive and sharable charts.
  • Filter data automatically in specific charts or areas.
  • Highlight positive results or opportunities for improvement.
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Our top 10

Additional Features & Functionality

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Cross-year reporting
  • Ability to pull charts from different reports into one location to track related items
  • Real-time ACA reports
  • PBJ reporting
  • Flexible displays can show combinations of charts and tables to fit your needs
  • In-depth pivot table exploration and comparison of data across the entire Inova HCM platform
  • AIMEE — embedded AI
  • Recommendations of possible actions to take based on your people data
  • Personalization of results to specific roles, teams, and organizations
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Your Questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Inova Reporting and Analytics gives you the ability to report on datasets across the entire unified HCM solution and employee lifecycle.

With Inova Reporting and Analytics you can easily manage turnover, overtime, payroll management, labor distribution, and more.

Yes, you can download all standard reports in multiple formats, including Excel and CSV, and can modify them to meet your needs. Your customized reports can also be saved for future use.