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Easily manage your team’s hours, time off, labor costs, and more with no data sync, imports, or manual entry necessary.

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of companies lose money from “buddy punching,” the most common type of employee time theft.
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Accurate & Reliable Time Collection

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Time & Labor Management Automation

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Comprehensive Scheduling & Leave Management

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Management Efficiency and Visibility

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Compliance Risk Mitigation

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Improve efficiency through technology

Accurate & Reliable Time Collection

  • Select the best time collection option(s) to meet your needs, including web and mobile, barcode, proximity, magstripe, smart card, biometric fingerprint & facial recognition.
  • Combat buddy punching with biometric, geolocation, and selfie clock-ins.
  • Provide remote-work-compatible options.

Save time and increase accuracy

Time & Labor Management Automation

  • Use flexible workflows to automate tracking of hours, time approvals, management of schedules, and time-off requests.
  • Prevent errors and eliminate manual processes with time tracking that automatically syncs to payroll.
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Make better, more intelligent workload and staffing decisions

Comprehensive Scheduling & Leave Management

  • Support your team with accurate and accessible leave options.
  • Give employees the ability to pick up open shifts based on their qualifications and receive notifications when a new schedule is posted – from web or mobile device.
  • Gain real-time visibility into accurate people data, budget constraints, and staffing demands.
Monitor activities in real time

Management Efficiency & Visibility

  • Approve timesheets with a single click.
  • Receive proactive notifications and alerts to help you spot trends and manage exceptions before they become issues.
  • Give employees anywhere, anytime access to manage their schedules, view leave balances, make time-off requests, and more.
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Ensure compliance with the most complex scenarios

Compliance Risk Mitigation

  • Configure the system with a robust pay calculation featuring a rich set of built-in rules to model your current policies to align with federal and state regulations.
  • Reduce risk with automatic updates to available pay rules.
  • Get automatically notified if scheduling actions violate your predefined rules so you can make changes and maintain compliance.
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Additional Features & Functionality

  • Drag-and-drop custom workflows
  • Real-time powerful reporting with auto-distribution
  • Offline punch capture
  • Geofencing and IP address lockdown capability
  • Automated points tracking
  • Configurable and flexible time allocation
  • Mass editing tools
  • Schedule creation manager
  • Configurable and comprehensive dashboard
  • Email, SMS, and push notifications
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Frequently Asked Questions

With Inova Time and Labor, there are no set time off types or amounts. You can customize the levels and limits to meet your needs.
Yes, since Inova HCM is a single database solution any time changes show up immediately across all modules.

Yes, with Inova Time and Labor can set up multi-approval workflows for time-off, timesheet, overtime request, and timesheet change request so you can customize which members of your team are responsible for what step in the process.