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Discover an all-in-one people management solution that empowers your team and helps you manage costs and reallocate savings toward achieving your mission.

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Key Benefits & Highlights

Track time across various departments, jobs, and funding sources and get the visibility and functionality you need to create consistent best-fit schedules. Know exactly how many hours employees have worked and ensure they don’t exceed 480 hours per 12 months.
Easily enforce work and pay rules, increase payroll accuracy, and track and allocate labor costs to the right programs, projects, assets, and grants all with one centralized system. Mobile management tools give you the real-time visibility you need to manage and control your nonprofit’s costs from anywhere.
Power up your productivity with paperless and streamlined HR processes and self-service tools. Having a single system for recruiting, onboarding, time, payroll, and more reduces errors, ensures consistency, and saves your nonprofit valuable time and money on administrative tasks.
Nonprofits have unique regulatory and compliance requirements. With Inova HCM, one unified solution handles your payroll tax filing and reporting, ACA management, labor distribution, advanced GL structure, and more and ensures you stay on top of ever-evolving federal, state, and local requirements.
Self-service tools empower your employees by letting them manage their schedules, access W-2s, enroll in benefits, and more from anywhere. Further enhance their employee experience with Company Hub, a one-stop shop for engaging content like your nonprofit’s latest news and employee spotlights.

Inova Payroll brings all aspects of Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting and more together in one place. The customer service reps are very responsive and go above and beyond to help with any issues that may arise.

– HR Specialist, Peppermint Ridge (201-500 employees)

Key Inova HCM Features

For Non Profit Services

  • Regulatory & Certification Compliance
  • Time Tracking by Funding Source
  • Multiple Timeclocks Options: Barcode, Proximity, Magstripe, Smart Card, Biometric Fingerprint & Facial Recognition
  • Labor Allocation & Distribution
  • Employee Training & Learning Management
  • Preboarding & Onboarding
  • Online Benefit Enrollment
  • Mobile App
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