From Boomers to Zoomers: Understanding the Impact of Multigenerational Teams

multigenerational team

In today’s workplace, one size does not fit all. Approaching the way we work and recognizing the drivers is important with 5 generations of workers to support. While each generation has unique advantages and skillsets, it’s important to understand how to effectively communicate, ensure preferences are being considered, and offer diversity in your programs.

Join us as we host Kristen McGill, COO at ZayZoon, an Inova Partner, to discuss generational differences and how it impacts today’s workplace. The modern workforce spans 5 generations, and we will outline how businesses can attract and accommodate various age groups, the factors that drive performance for each, and tips to overcome common generational issues.

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Meet the Speaker

Kristen McGill
COO of ZayZoon


Kristen began her career as a Chartered Accountant, jumping from a Big Four firm to growing ambitious businesses. Kristen believes that aligning a team around a shared purpose allows ordinary people to attain explosive results. Her passion to scale a business the right way, through a focus on culture, accountability, and company-wide empowerment, has set the foundation for ensuring the ZayZoon team delivers results.