Inova Payroll, a national provider of outsourced payroll and human resources solutions, announces the launch of its new fully automated employee onboarding solution.

Designed to dramatically reduce new hire processing time, Inova Payroll’s onboarding solution centers around an all-inclusive employee interview.  This online and multilingual process guides newly hired employees through a series of simple questions to determine form requirements.  The data from this interview is then used to populate all standard new hire paperwork, including W-4, I-9, state-required forms, employee information, emergency contact, direct deposit, and more.  The system also interfaces with eVerify to ensure compliance with federal regulations.  All forms are 100% automated, e-signed, and securely stored.

Inova Payroll also offers a real-time dashboard for tracking the onboarding process and online storage of important documents, such as a driver’s license or passport photo, to include with employee records.

An optional Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening feature enables companies – large and small – to easily take advantage of the large federal tax credits available through the WOTC program.  Using data collected from the employee interview, the system completes the required forms 8850 and 9061 for all eligible employees and instructs the company on easy to follow, required procedures to receive the credits. This screening feature ensures clients capture the highest number of qualified candidates and maximize the hiring tax credit.

Inova Payroll’s onboarding solution is part of InovaPlus, a comprehensive suite of ancillary services that includes 401(k), Section 125, health insurance, pay-as-you-go workers’ comp, background screening, COBRA, paycards, etc.

“Our solution eliminates the need for re-keying data from physical paperwork and chasing down missing, illegible or incomplete new hire forms.” said Inova Payroll CEO Farsheed Ferdowsi.  “We are pleased to provide our clients with the ease, convenience and accuracy that fully automated onboarding offers.”


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