2023 Megatrends in HR

HR meeting - HR megatrends

Every year, an international team of UKG researchers, thought leaders and social scientists partner to reflect on the previous year’s developments, evaluate the implications for executives and their HR teams, and predict how these forces will shape organizations and the industry for years to come.

In 2022, it became clear that people are struggling to adapt to an era of relentless change and uncertainty, as compounding economic instability, climate change, violence, and political unrest hit a tipping point. The impact on organizations and their people is—and will continue to be—substantial. It’s clear that future-facing initiatives and strategic solution investments are foundational to navigating an increasingly complex talent and social landscape and maximizing workforce potential.

Objectives to be Covered

  • Explore the “Human Energy Crisis” and strategies to support employees with their foundational physiological and psychological needs

  • Learn how to strengthen people and culture networks to achieve organizational plasticity and set your company up for long-term success

  • Discover what the “Gen X Effect” is and how to successfully incorporate environmental social governance (ESG) into your HR strategy

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Karina Monesson

Meet the Speaker

Karina Monesson
Sr. Manager of HCM Research & Advisory

As Sr. Manager of HCM Research & Advisory, Karina Monesson leads UKG’s thought leadership research strategy and partners closely with business leaders to help them maximize the value of their technology investments. A former journalist and market researcher, Karina speaks regularly with conference and customer audiences about HCM trends and best practices, and her work has been featured in Forbes, SHRM, HR Dive, HR Executive, HR Daily Advisor, and Human Resources Today.