Cybersecurity Webinar


Get ready to unlock your inner cyber-savvy hero as we dive into the world of digital protection! This humorous and unique presentation will equip you with the essential knowledge and best practices to stay safe and vigilant in the online realm. Prepare to become a formidable defender against cyber threats and safeguard your digital life with confidence!

Objectives to be Covered

  • Understand the evolving landscape of cybersecurity and the importance of personal responsibility in protecting digital assets.

  • Identify common online threats, such as phishing attacks, malware, and social engineering, and learn how to recognize and avoid them.

  • Explore practical strategies and best practices for creating strong and memorable passwords and the importance of multi-factor authentication.

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Meet the Speaker

Mary-Michael Horowitz
Founder & CEO of Asylas

Mary-Michael is the Founder and CEO of Asylas, one of Nashville’s preeminent Security Consulting firms.Ā  Since 2015, her team has been focused on providing the highest level of Security Awareness Training, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability and Risk Management, and Industry Specific Information Security and Privacy Consulting Services.

Mary-Michael is a highly respected leader in Nashville’s Technology and Business community. She was winner of the Nashville Business Journal’s Women of Influence Award in 2014 and has led teams at multiple organizations to award winning levels of success in both Revenue Growth, Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction.