Innovative payroll and HCM technology is key for employers who want to maximize efficiency and improve the overall employee experience. But choosing solutions that are among the most advanced is only part of what you need to bring connection and clarity to your human capital management processes. Smart, attentive and timely service is an essential part of the equation.

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Payroll and HR regulations are in constant motion, requiring you to adapt to frequent changes in tax rates, reporting requirements, and employee data. Our Stevie® Award winning representatives and all of our payroll experts are here to help you successfully navigate those changes, one payroll at a time.

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Payroll performance and support that gives you power over the process and ensures employees and tax agencies are paid accurately and on time. Timekeeping systems to accommodate a variety of worksites and an on-the-go workforce.

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Modern businesses want more than just a streamlined payroll process. Adding human resource functionality that allows data to flow from recruiting and onboarding to payroll and benefits enables today’s HR professionals to become more efficient. Learn more about applicant tracking, paperless onboarding, benefits administration, employee communications, and Affordable Care Act reporting.

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Having insurance experts on your side is the key to creating a meaningful benefits package for your current and prospective employees, meeting your budget requirements, and handling enrollments and ongoing administration without overloading your team.

The professionals at Inova Benefits offer not only benefits expertise, but also a variety of group health services to help you compete for talent and meet compliance requirements.

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Whether you manage human resources yourself or you have an HR professional on staff, sometimes you need a little extra support to ensure essential tasks are getting done.

Inova has a full-service team of HR experts providing complete HR outsourcing services from recruiting and onboarding to benefits enrollment and performance reviews. We get to know your business and your employees and tailor our services to you.

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In addition to payroll and human resources solutions, we offer a variety of related services that businesses often need to remain compliant and attract talent: 401(k), section 125 & 132, health insurance & COBRA, workers’ compensation insurance, HR Support Center, and background screening.

Looking for HR functionality in addition to payroll?

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