HCM Solutions

Applicant Tracking

Sharpen your recruiting process

Our HCM software offers applicant tracking options that not only sharpen your recruiting process, but also automatically create employee records that can be used across our payroll and human capital management solutions. Identify and onboard the best candidates efficiently with smart online tools and dashboards.

  • Create a custom careers page with logo, company overview and open job descriptions
  • Choose from standard job applications or customize your own
  • Get mobile optimized job applications for today’s workforce
  • Promote your job openings with custom hiring signs and QR codes
  • Easily share your job openings online via the top job boards and across your social networks
  • Review, rate and contact candidates directly from within the system
  • Identify your best recruiting sources with an applicant sourcing dashboard
  • Click a button and applicant data becomes employee data through onboarding, payroll and other HR processes

A nimble applicant tracking system can help you zero in on the right candidates and capture essential data that can be used to easily launch the onboarding process.


Make a good first impression with electronic onboarding

No more stacks of new hire paperwork. Our HCM software efficiently guides new employees through your onboarding process—all electronically. Our online onboarding solution reduces new hire processing time by eliminating stacks of paper and expertly ushering new employees through the process. It starts with a simple online questionnaire completed by your new employee. Data collected is then used to automatically populate required new hire forms. New hire forms are customized to meet each client’s specific process and include:

  • W-4 & I9
  • New employee enrollment
  • Background and credit checks
  • E-Verify
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Uniform size and orders
  • Cafeteria plans
  • Direct deposit information

Keep tabs on the status of all new hires in the onboarding process through the real-time dashboard and enjoy paperwork compliance across all your locations.


Deploy, manage, and measure compliance training and professional development

Investing in your employees is a proven way to boost employee performance and engagement, and the right learning management system can help you deploy, manage, and measure a program customized to your organizational needs.

  • Effectively manage compliance and safety training to minimize risk.
  • Keep up to date with certification training requirements.
  • Create onboarding learning tracks to give new employees the information they need to succeed within your organization.
  • Invest in your employees with professional skills and leadership training.
  • Keep employees engaged and prepare them for the future.
  • Configure the system to your unique training and development needs and customize it with your company logo and colors.
  • Increase participation and satisfaction among employees with a user-friendly design and a mobile learning environment.
  • Take advantage of readily available and engaging content.
  • Create custom training classes and tracks to elevate your company culture and create a continuous learning organization.
  • Track learning performance using progress reports, custom reporting, and analytics.

Benefits Administration

Online benefits enrollment and administration

Does your benefits enrollment and administration system make the process easier on you and your employees?

Finding the right benefits for your organization can be challenging in today’s insurance environment. The last thing you need is an administration process that adds to the challenge. With our online benefits enrollment and administration solution, you can digitally manage multiple plan options and eligibility rules while providing your employees the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • 100% online enrollment via mobile app or desktop browser
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step enrollment form
  • Automated email communications to employees
  • Create unlimited, custom benefit offerings
  • Employees see the financial impact as they choose the options and coverage they need
  • Data flows directly to payroll, updating benefits tables and scheduling deductions
  • Dashboard for administrators to track status
  • Carrier feed allows benefits data to automatically flow from Inova HCM to your insurance company
  • COBRA administration services

Talent Management

Performance management tools that align talent with organizational goals

Developing talent in a way that aligns with organizational goals is one way to increase the effectiveness of your workforce. Measuring employee performance on a regular schedule aids in identifying areas for training and development, aligning compensation with performance, and identifying advancement opportunities. All of these serve to acknowledge and motivate your most valuable assets.

As with many HR processes, performance management can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right systems in place. Our online talent management solution offers an automated method for administering performance reviews to employees and their managers, assigning and tracking trainings and certifications, and attaching reviews and related files to employee records for easy access.

  • Online reviews for managers and their employees
  • Multiple reviewers for employees accommodates multiple manager and peer reviews
  • Question formats include drop down lists, fill in the blank and numeric values
  • Questions can be weighted
  • All reviews are electronically archived
  • Dashboard to review progress

Employee Communications

Create more connection with your most valuable assets

Providing your employees with the tools they need to succeed, making interactions with HR and management uncomplicated, and facilitating communication among employees improves their experience with you as their employer and will often pay dividends by enhancing performance and loyalty.

With our employee communications solution, you can effectively facilitate communication with and among your employees on the go via our mobile app, or in the office via desktop browser. By utilizing our employee communications solution, your employees can electronically and autonomously:

  • Update their personal data
  • View available time off and request time off
  • View and print pay detail and W-2s
  • Upload a photo of themselves as part of their profile
  • Manage their tax withholdings
  • Update direct deposit accounts
  • Collaborate with other members of their groups and join group discussions
  • Access and acknowledge company documents
  • See personal documents
  • View company directory
  • Alerts, notifications, and workflows

Additionally, managers can post company-wide announcements and are notified of time off, expense report and time card requests and can approve requests within the system.

Affordable Care Act Reporting

Effectively monitor ACA compliance throughout the year

The employer shared responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires large employers, known as applicable large employers (ALE), to offer healthcare coverage to their full-time workers. As part of ACA, ALEs are also required to distribute IRS form 1095-C to employees and file them with the IRS via transmittal form 1094-C. Designed to determine compliance with ACA provisions, this reporting requirement is on the same schedule as W-2s. But producing these ACA reports is much more complex than producing W-2s. Our ACA reporting module helps break down the complexity of ACA reporting and allows you to easily monitor the number of full-time and full-time equivalent employees, know when employees become eligible for benefits, and identify missing data in preparation for required federal reporting.

  • ACA reporting package that will help determine, in collaboration with your broker, ALE status as well as monitor compliance throughout the year. Reports available include:
    • ACA FTE
    • ACA eligibility
    • Rule of parity and inactive employee
    • 1095 edit and preview
    • ACA affordability
    • ACA status audit
  • Free ACA reporting training sessions
  • Printing, distributing, and filing forms 1094-C and 1095-C