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Employee Self-Service Website

For assistance logging in to the InovaPayroll employee self-service website, please contact the payroll or HR representative with your employer. For your security, only your employer is able to set up or reset your access to your account.


For answers to W-2 or 1099 questions or to get help accessing the employee self-service website, please contact the payroll or HR department with your employer or former employer. As a security measure, only your employer or former employer is able to provide you with your W-2, 1099 or pay stubs and also set up or reset your access to the employee self-service site, if they have selected that service. The payroll or HR contact from your employer can contact his or her Inova Payroll customer service representative for assistance with W-2s, the employee self-service website, or any payroll matter. If you have tried contacting your current or former employer to request your W-2 and you have not received the tax form by February 15, you may call the IRS at 800-829-1040.